‘Window Security Bar’ Door to Door Salesmen Invade Stapleton

bars on windowsAs a community, Stapleton has an unusually large number of door to door salesman and petitioners. From solar panels to roofing and from political parties to social agendas, there is a fairly constant stream of people knocking on Stapleton doors. The most recent wave of salesman appears to be cashing in on Stapletonians fears from the recent crime wave. “We recently purchased some window bars from Best Windows, Bar None,” said resident John Gibbons. “It just seemed to make sense. I mean, I know they won’t stop gun shots, but they will at least stop someone from climbing into a window right into our home.” Gibbons says he purchased a decorative style as to not upset the neighbors. “Window bars are a personal choice,” said Gibbons. “But you don’t want it to stand out. You want it to blend somewhat in with your home. I think what we choose absolutely says ‘Infinity.’”

Many other residents have followed suit as well. “We have a fully loaded alarm system,” said resident James Hansen. “We also have motion lights and security cameras. This just adds an extra layer of security. You can’t put a price tag on the safety of your family.” Hansen put window bars on all windows, including the upstairs windows. “Well, those were more for my kids when they get to be teenagers. There’ll be no sneaking out in this house.” Some residents are strongly against bars on windows in Stapleton. “First of all, it really trashes up the community,” said Troy Kornfeld. “Secondly, it simply isn’t necessary. We are really blowing Stapleton crime out of proportion. This is not a crime-ridden community, but people are being misinformed. Furthermore, bars on windows will only continue to perpetuate that myth.” Kornfeld said he believes there is something in the Stapleton MCA which does not permit the new home decorations.

MCA President Liza Kampstra says there is a provision in the MCA that says bars on windows are not allowed, but it is a tricky situation when it comes to enforcing it. “Some people believe they can claim them as decorations,” said Kampstra. “But, most of the time, people say it is for the safety of their loved ones, so it shouldn’t be enforced. We are going to look more into it, and see if there is a compromise that can be reached.” For families who are installing the bars, they are not willing to compromise the safety of their families. “There is all of this stuff going on around us,” said Gibbons. “Aurora is right next door, and we have had armed robbers on the loose. That’s too much for me to ignore. Until all these criminals are behind bars, I’m going to keep my family safe behind mine.” There are several companies selling bars for windows in Stapleton, and prices range anywhere from $250-$500 a window. But, you probably already knew that.

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