Westerly Creek Park Offers Gorgeous Views of Central Park

westerly-creek-parkStapleton has roughly three dozen pocket parks which provide wide open areas for kids to play sports, fly kites, and have picnics. Most of those parks have new age playground equipment which on a nice day, are crawling with Stapleton kids. Then, of course, there’s Central Park which provides everything the pocket parks do, but with ten times the space and playground equipment. But one of these Stapleton pocket parks stands out from the rest of the Stapleton Green Space. Westerly Creek Park.

Blink, and you just might miss it. But if you are lucky enough to get caught at the stop light on Beeler and MLK, look off to the south, and you will see an insignificant amount of land with two oddly placed benches. That’s the pride of the Stapleton pocket parks. “Just because something isn’t big, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have purpose (that’s what she said),” said resident Amy Westwick. “There are a lot of things you can do at Westerly Creek park.” One of Westwick’s favorite things to do is to imagine what she would be doing if she was 100 yards away at Central Park. “I will think of things I could be doing over there, like feeding the geese, or walking along the path,” said Westwick. “I’ll imagine having friends, and grilling and hanging out at the picnic tables.” Westwick says she often just enjoys watching all the people having fun at Central Park. “Westerly Creek Park is a great place to view the happenings at Central Park. I’ll see kids playing, people playing with their dogs. It’s just really neat to watch.” Westwick acknowledges Central Park has one thing Westery Creek Park does not; a restroom. “Sometimes I’ll be hanging out there for hours, and have to use the restroom. Westerly Creek Park doesn’t have one yet, so that’s something I am going to take up with the MCA.”

Westwick says the best time to go to Westerly Creek Park is really anytime. “Almost no one is ever there,” says Westewick. “Aside from the almost constant stream of traffic on that corner, it’s pretty quiet, at least as far as people go. There’s a lot of construction that had been going on there for the last several months, but a lot of that is over. So, it’s often just me, the traffic, and people heading on through to Central Park.” So the next time you are walking passed Westerly Creek Park, or “the Gateway to Central Park” as it is often called, stop, sit down, and take in the breathtaking views of Central Park just across the street.

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