Uniforms Causing Havoc at School Pick Up

There are many benefits to having school uniforms for students. It helps with making sure the students that are in the school attend that school, and can certainly help with socioeconomic bullying if some kids aren’t wearing the “cool clothes.” Overall, most schools around the country would tell you school uniforms have been a positive part of the education process.

However, the Stapleton community always seems to face challenges other communities don’t have. So, school uniforms in Stapleton are causing some unique issues. “On Tuesday, the wrong kid jumped into my car and I didn’t even know it,” said Bill Roberts parent Kyle Scott. “I was six blocks away before I looked into the rearview mirror and realized it wasn’t my kid. The good thing is, she took it really well, and we got her to her rightful parents. I eventually found my daughter as well.”

With all the kids wearing uniforms, it has been difficult for parents to spot their child. “I went outside the school to pick up my son,” said McAuliffe parent Mindy Bidler. “To make matters worse, when I yell out ‘Aiden’ 25 kids still turn around. My son and I are working on a better system for next week, but it has been tough.”

The challenge isn’t just for the parents, but for the kids. Stapleton residents have very similar vehicles, so it is hard for young children to always discern a BMW SUV from an Audi SUV or a Volvo SUV. On top of that, many of the moms look alike, so kids see a pretty mom and they just go with them, or jump in the back seat.

Parents are working through these problems with their children. “It’s on us to figure out a solution,” said Bidler. “Most of us like the uniforms, so those aren’t going anywhere. As parents, we need to work with our kids to be problem solvers. I am sure we will figure this out in the next couple weeks.” So far, all of the reported wrong-kid or wrong-parent situations have been minor and no amber alerts have been issued.

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