Two Years Later, Next Door Post Still Getting Comments

nextdoorlogo2Long after a decision was made to have King Soopers anchor the Eastbridge Town Center, comments are still being made on a post on the popular Next Door social media site. The original post was meant to mobilize an effort to block the grocer in hopes of a natural grocer moving in to the space, but the movement never gained any real traction. What has gained lots of traction is the number of comments posted after the original post. “I really wish the original poster would just take it down,” said Stapleton resident and Next Door member Sara Johnson. “I have to see all of these useless comments. The store is there and it is fully operational. If you have a problem with service at the store, start a new post. It’s ridiculous.” Resident Amy Youde would also like to see old posts removed from the site. “It ends up showing how petty people can be,” said Youde. “Once a situation is resolved or done with, the original poster or even an administrator just needs to take it down. Do they get some sort of pleasure in seeing how many comments they can get? What a sick, sick world we live in.”

Next Door is not planning any changes to the current format. “It’s a social media site, and therefore, we do not moderate unless something is highly offensive,” said Next Door Communications Director Paul Baltus. “While we at Next Door don’t condone the type of behavior and comments we see, especially in the NE Denver Market, it is our policy to allow users to moderate themselves.” Comments on outdated posts have become so annoying, Next Door has lost some users. “I was done,” said Megan Heller. “I would see these topics that were months old, and someone would be commenting on them. All it was doing was feeding the beast. Nothing was getting accomplished. It became a waste of my time, like watching a soap opera. I decided my time could be better spent.” Next Door users may have better luck killing off John Black than killing off these outdated posts.

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