Trailblazing Dad Gains Acceptance at Stroller Class

Chad Muchmore is a stay at home dad, who was looking for a way to get in shape.  Problem is, he is in charge of looking after his 8 month old child.  After researching several options, he decided to go with one of the local stroller classes.  “It looked like the best thing for me,” said Muchmore.  “I liked the format, and I would still be able to look after my baby.”  At the time, Chad did not realize that the Stroller Class he joined was comprised completely of women.

“I had no idea.  I thought it was for everyone,” said Muchmore. “The first time I went, I felt very out of place, and not welcome.”  Muchmore said that often during class, some of the women would trip him, and even spit on him during the workout sessions. “There were definitely times that I wanted to quit,” says Muchmore. “But I knew that I wasn’t just doing it for me, but was doing it for all the dads that have been wanting to join a stroller class. I couldn’t let them down.”

Chad fought through the insults and the adversity, and finally started gaining the respect of the other class goers. The big day came early in May, when he was exhausted and felt like quitting. Right then, the leader of the group began a slow clap, and the rest of the women slowly joined in. It was exactly what Muchmore needed to push him through the end of the workout.  “It felt so great to see all of those women supporting me and finally giving me the acceptance I have been looking for.”

Only history will tell if Muchmore’s name will go down with that or Rosa Parks and Jackie Robinson, but for now, this dad has made a huge difference in this community.

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