Tips for Cutting Costs on Babysitting

Times are tough these days and every penny counts. That is why we’d like to give the child-abundant Stapleton community some helpful tips on how to save money on babysitting fees. Nowadays the cost of a babysitter can be anywhere from $15-$20 per hour but with these money saving ideas, you will get stuff done for little to no money at all!

  1. Drop your kids off at any crowded Stapleton park area. There are plenty of parents there to watch your kids. Put one of those rubber bracelets on their ankles with your phone number in case of an emergency. A great place is a KB or Wonderland courtyard. Those places are full of responsible adults and there is a plethora of bathrooms close by.
  2. *This is one of our favorites: When the neighbors’ grandparents are in town and babysitting their grandchildren, drop your kids off and tell them that a play date was scheduled at that time. They will gladly take them in for a good portion of the day and smother them with affection.
    *Side note: This works best with mid-western grandparents from states like Iowa and Nebraska. Northeastern grandparents may tell you to go to Hell.
  3. In the summer, drop them off at the pool. Again-full of responsible parents and and nannies, not to mention life guards.
  4. Ask your 9 year old neighbor to entertain your kids, for a nominal fee, while you get stuff done around the house. Then just leave for a bit. The 9 year old will feel independent and can summon her parents if necessary.
  5. Invite a babysitter over then find something wrong with how she did the job. Then insist on paying her half of her asking price. You know – it’s like what you do at a restaurant to avoid paying a tip!
  6. Drop them over the fence at Diggstown. Show up an hour later acting like you have been searching everywhere for them. Just say that they must have jumped your fence and theirs.
  7. Ask a neighbor to watch your kids for 20 minutes, then take two hours. Just give the ol’ fender bender excuse.
  8. Pick the kids up late from school and use the same fender bender excuse mentioned above.
  9. Go to the Bladium front desk, tell the attendant that your kids need to use the potty, then sneak them into a camp for a few hours while you work out and have a beer upstairs. They will be none the wiser as those camps have at least 50 kids per age group.
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