The Day(s) Stapleton Stood Still: Starbucks Temporarily Closes for Construction

Starbucks-temporarily-closedStapleton residents have had to deal with their share of adversity. From potentially being forced to have kids go to one great school when they wanted to go to a different great school, to patiently waiting for an Eastbridge town center for eight years and running. But, Stapleton residents have endured these tough times and situations. “We as a community have been through a lot,” said resident David Brennan. “Look at the recent hail storms, and then I think even a tornado was pretty close from what I have heard. But, as they say, adversity builds character.”

Stapleton’s character is being tested yet again more recently, as the 29th St. Starbucks is being temporarily closed for construction. “I went to go there on Saturday, and saw the damage,” said resident Sean Miller. “It was pretty horrifying. I’m just glad the kids weren’t here to see it.” Miller was referring to the ‘temporarily closed’ signage as well as some visible construction inside the Starbucks store. “More than anything I hope these workers are able to clean up the disaster and make things right again,” said Miller. Many residents are being forced to go to the Starbucks inside the King Soopers or even the Starbucks in Northfield. Some have even grabbed their coffee at Etai’s or Einstein’s. “I actually think Etai’s has better coffee,” said Anne Bearbower. “But, I have always gone to Starbucks, so it’s just kind of what I do.

Some residents are taking it a step further when it comes getting the Starbucks to re-open more quickly. And they are doing this the best way they know how: social media. “I started a ‘re-open the Stapleton Starbucks’ Facebook site,” said resident Jennifer Vardaman. “We hope that we can start generating community support for this cause, and then force Forest City and the MCA to do everything necessary to get it opened more quickly.”

It’s unclear how long the Starbucks will be closed, but residents are preparing for the worst. “I’ll just have to get up a little earlier to go to the King Sooper’s Starbucks,” said Miller. “I really don’t like going in there, but throughout our lives, we all have to make sacrifices.” For this East Denver community, it’s just one more misfortune they will have to endure. Hopefully, they will be stronger for it.

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