The Constellation Ice Cream Shop to be Cornerstone of Town Center

As expected, the ice creamice-cream-shop shop being built in the town center, The Constellation, will be the flagship of the Eastbridge Town Center. The store will come complete with a massive artistic architectural project including a replica wing of the Lockheed Constellation airplane. “It is really going to be a great building,” said designer Dave Reynolds. “The building is really going to ‘top off’ the town center, pun intended.” The design is impressive, if not overwhelming, including the giant wing and a fuselage. The length of the piece extends about 30 feet from The Constellation itself, and is about 20 feet off the ground. “We are paying homage to the history of Stapleton,” said Reynolds.

While most residents appreciate the architecture, some wonder why a small ice cream shop should be such a focal point of the new town center. “I get it, and it will probably be really cool,” but why have it be with the ice cream shop?” asked resident Terri Stevens. “With all the building going on over there, maybe they could have done something cool with the King Soopers building.” Other residents agree. “What if The Constellation goes out of business?” asked Brian Walker. “I mean, I am guessing Forest City is going to charge a lot for that space. I’m just not sure if ice cream, coffee and soup will be able to pay the bills for that place. Then what? It may be pretty tough to repurpose a place that small with a sculpture that big.” Reynolds says he has confidence the structure will remain even if the economy struggles. “If ice cream sales aren’t as expected, they will figure something else out. Once that plane is up, it will be up forever (unlike the airport).”

*Editor’s Note: Front Porch Article should have been titled, “Constellation Ice Cream Ready for Takeoff”

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