Thank Heaven! 711!

Stapleton residents have become so desperate for a Havana Town Center, they are now ecstatic about the announcement of a 711 convenient store moving in farther down the road on Havana.  “I was psyched it wasn’t a King Soopers,” said resident Ben Raiklin.  “This is so huge.  I will happily pay the extra 30% to not have to drive two miles to King Soopers.”  Other residents, such as Tom Brennan, are psyched about the unique product offerings of 711.  “Usually, I have to drive an extra couple miles to get my big gulp.  Now, I just head down the road and grab one for myself and then some Slurpees for the kids.”

711 did a very brief market evaluation before deciding to move into the Stapleton community.  CEO Joe Depinto mentioned that every day they didn’t have a presence in Stapleton, “was like pissing on money.”  He went on to discuss other positives of being in Stapleton.  “From my understanding, there is a real issue with getting gas in this community.  We can cut down on the lines, and may even work some deal with the Denver County jail where some of the lower risk prisoners pump gas for customers.”

The 711 fits a lot of need in Stapleton, especially for Eastbridge residents such as Cori Kayser.  “The hostess products, beef jerkey, and giant things of Hot Tamales are easily accessible for us, which is perfect for when we travel.  The fact that we can fill up there too is great.”

Forrest City is very excited about the incoming business.  “Small victories like this will distract people from the fact that there is still no town center,” said Forrest City President Phil Dargossi.  “Not to mention the 25-acre park and several other things we thought would be done by now that we promised residents.”

The ribbon cutting ceremony is scheduled to occur early this fall.

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