Swigert-McAuliffe International School Changes to Intergalactic School

After long thought and consideration, the board of regents at SMIS has decided to change its format from an international school to an intergalactic school. “We just felt that we were possibly limiting not only the students we could bring in, but the potential of the current students,” said regent’s member Scott Andreasen. “We want it to be very clear that we are not only the most progressive school in Stapleton, but in all of Denver, and possibly the world.”

Overall, parents are excited about the new possibilities for their children. “I try to teach my kids that they can do anything,” says parent Sarah Lilly. “With the idea of being able to learn about space, and potentially even living in space, I feel I am giving my kids opportunities other parents are not. That makes me a better parent.”

There are some concerns over going intergalactic, however. “I am absolutely all for diversity,” says parent Kelli Crawford. “I mean, I have no problem with my kids learning Spanish. But what if a Wookie child enrolls at the new intergalactic school? The language barrier is really going to slow the classes down. We just don’t have the money right now to have a C3PO in every classroom to translate.”

Principal Vogel believes the change is for the better. “A lot of schools are just too short-sighted,” says Vogel. “This move shows that we are always looking ahead, and looking for the best students to be in the seats of our classrooms, regardless of what planet or solar system they are from.”

Additionally, the school could also benefit from the funding parents from other planets may provide through technology or metals earth does not currently have, giving SMIS a huge leg up in the Stapleton funds race for the schools. Bill Roberts and Westerly Creek have yet to respond to this new, bold move by Swigert-McAuliffe Intergalactic School.

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