Swigert-McAuliffe changes name to Swigert-McAuliffe-Anderson-Romanenko-Tereshkova or The SMART School

After some complaints that the Swigert-McAuliffe name was too long and difficult to easily remember, school leaders at Stapleton’s newest school have decided to rename it The Swigert-McAuliffe-Anderson-Romanenko-Tereshkova International School.  Jeffrey McNeill, Chairman of the school’s Collaborative Steering Committee said that school leaders came to the decision after a 2 hour and 53 minute meeting in which 2 Board members fell asleep.  Several options were discussed at length after the Board came to a final decision on the new name.  “We just finally said, “Hey, if people are having some trouble with the Swigert-McAuliffe, oh, wait, is it McAuliffe-Swigert? name – then we figured that we’d just take it a step further and come up with a much longer name that spells something.  I mean, more letters and names is good, right?”

One key positive of the new name is that includes the names of some former Russian/Soviet/Russian Federation astronauts including Valentina Tereshkova who is the first woman in space.  “We thought that if we were truly going to be an international school, we should include the names of astronauts from other countries, including Russia, or the former Soviet Union, or the Russian Federation, or, well, you know what I mean,” added McNeill.  

McNeill also added that the new names form the word SMART, which will now make them that much easier to remember.  I mean, it just rolls off your tongue now, doesn’t it?  “The Swigert-McAuliffe-Anderson-Romanenko-Tereshkova International School, or you can just say SMART IS – and think of us.”

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