Swap Item Finally Picked Up After Nine Months

swap item picked upNicole Schall sold a Banana Republic sweater on the popular Stapleton Facebook site, Stapleton Swap back in March. Per common protocol, she left the item in a bag outside of her house tagged with the name of the item. “I usually just put my items in a little grocery bag with a sticky note saying the item and the cost,” said Schall. “Then, people come put an envelope with the money under my mat, and grab the item. It’s a pretty solid system.”

This particular purchase did end up being unique, however. “Typically, people come by within three days to grab the item,” said Schall. “Sometimes, it may take a week, but within three days is pretty standard. But, this item was out there for a week, then two weeks, then three. So, I sent her a message to see when she would be coming to get the item, and to make sure she indeed still wanted it.” Schall said she was assured that the woman still wanted the item, but just hadn’t had a chance to get over there. “It’s strange because the worst case scenario is you have to drive eight minutes to get to someone’s house in Stapleton,” said Schall. “So, to me, it did seem a bit fishy. But, she was very confident in her messages that she would be getting it real soon.” Schall did not harp on the buyer, simply because it was a $5 item, but did get annoyed seeing it on her porch every day. “I mean, it was getting a little ridiculous. I started wondering if I was being punked.”

After intermittent communication over the months, Schall was convinced the customer would indeed one day grab the item. And sure enough, that day came, nine months after the original purchase. “Unfortunately, you can’t give people reviews like you can with ebay,” said Schall. “But the truth is, it is just a $5 item, so why make a big deal of it. I guess I probably spent more than $5 of time going back and forth, so if this happens again, maybe I’ll just throw it away or take it to Goodwill.” Schall says that Swap customers should try to pick up items within three days. Otherwise, the situation can just get annoying.

*Editor’s Suggestion to Stapleton Swap: Everyone on Stapleton Swap should have a PayPal account. This will eliminate the need for having exact change or worrying about leaving cash on someone’s doorstep. It would also leave the option open for the seller to drop off the item. PayPal has a “send to friends or family” option which doesn’t have a cost associated with it. Plus, payments are instantaneous.

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