SUN Survey Highlights

In October 2013, SUN conducted a survey asking questions mostly about the enrollment process at Stapleton schools and amenities residents would like to see in the Eastbridge town center. Here are the results of that survey:

For elementary schools, DPS Priority is to Stapleton kids, students in ECE at a Stapleton school, and children of staff at that school. Should 25% of the remaining seats go to students living within a proximity zone of the school?

  • 48%: We may be oversimplifying this just a little.
  • 18%: Yes. Proximity zone sounds very official so it must have had a lot of thought go into it.
  • 14%: No. I don’t even know what these zones mean yet. Give me some demos of each zone, and then we can talk.
  • 12%: I just want to play football. Surf or ski, I don’t care.
  • 8%: As long as the schools only have Stapleton kids, I don’t care where my kid goes or how they are zoned.

For middle schools, DPS treats all residents equally in prioritization. Do you support proposal to give priority to students in middle school boundary first and then open it up to the rest of Denver?

  • 73%: Holy shit, yes! DPS really has no current boundary system for middle schools? That can’t be right.
  • 13%: Yes. Will the rest of Denver follow on this, or is this a special one-off for the great Stapleton?
  • 8%: No. I don’t have any kids living in Stapleton, so I don’t care that much.
  • 6%: No. Any parent making a serious effort to get their child into a better school deserves a chance to get them in that school, even if it may cause a small disruption to precious Stapleton.

*What amenities would you like to see in Eastbridge?

  • 97%: What’s the Point of This? I’m not sure the people who make decisions really care about my responses.
  • 85%: Natural Grocer. But really, I don’t care. Just put some sort of store there that will qualify as your precious anchor.
  • 70%: Locally Owned Coffee Shop. By the way, when I say “locally owned” I simply mean it is local. I don’t care if it is Starbucks or Duncan Donuts. They must be doing something right.
  • 68%: Bakery/Café. I would rather have a breakfast restaurant, but since that’s not on the list…wait, I see it. Never mind.
  • 68%: Brewery/Beer Garden. I am all for more alcohol in the community, but please, for the love of god, make sure you offer a domestic heavy and a domestic light on tap.
  • 67%: Breakfast Restaurant. Seriously, this will make a lot of money. Just put kids in stroller, bikes, etc., and head right over. Even for the to-go market.
  • 40%: Book Store. I don’t buy a lot of traditional books anymore, but they typically offer fun free things for kids, and often sell coffee.
  • 31%: Boutique Stores. I probably won’t do a lot of shopping there, but they are always good for the community and fun to walk through after breakfast.
  • 11%: Gas Station. It’s already effed up, so I might as well be able to get my gas easily.

*Survey allowed for multiple responses

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