SUN, MCA to Release Stapleton Homeland Security Chart

In an effort to continually keep residents in the loop on how scared they should be, SUN, in partnership with the MCA, has released its own security chart.  The chart, very similar to the old Homeland Security chart, uses colors to show levels of danger in the community.  The current threat level will always be on display at the Stapleton pools, Central Park, and the Discovery Center.  “This was something we have been talking about for a long time,” said SUN President Eric Lighthall.  “Residents were concerned that they were not scared enough about certain circumstances.  Now we can let them know how frightened to be.”  Residents are already pleased with the new system. “Sometimes I will read something on Stapleton mom’s, but not know what I should be doing,” said Jolene Hoffert.  “This at least gives me a starting point.” Although the definitions are different, the colors and danger levels are the same. “For example, during a green threat level, residents are asked to do their every day normal tasks,” said Lighthall. “But if we get into the orange and red levels, we request that citizens lock all doors and windows, go to their basements, and call 911 and every council person, mayor, or congressmen whose campaign they contributed to.  Money and votes mean a lot to the local government, so usually police can be out here in full force in about two minutes.”  This is just another step in Stapleton’s continued efforts to completely shelter itself from the outside world.

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