SUN, MCA Concerned About Border Security After Through Street Completed

With the pending completion of the Havana/Iola through street to Aurora, community members and associations are concerned with the security that will be provided in regards to Aurorans crossing the border into Stapleton. “We are already fighting this situation, and access will now be easier for those on ‘the other side,’” said concerned resident Mike Stevens. “Neither Forest City nor the MCA have made any assurances to the community that security will be stepped up not just at the border, but across the entire community.”

MCA President Liza Kampstra understands the frustrations of Stapleton residents. “We know our residents have been dreading this new development for a long time now,” says Kampstra. “The MCA knows something needs to be done, but right now, we are kind of in a wait and see mode. Mostly a wait and see of how much bad stuff goes down before we do something about it.”

Giving Aurorans easy access into Stapleton was not the original intent. “When Forest City made the decision originally, it was so that Stapleton residents would have easier access to the hospital for our resident doctors and citizens in need,” said Forest City Spokesperson Janelle Ayers. “We certainly did not intend to open Pandora’s box, so to speak.” Ayers continues to emphasize Forest City’s concern for its residents. “The safety and well being of Stapleton residents is the highest priority of Forest City.”

Not all community members agree, and some believe there is a conspiracy which needs to be addressed. “Everyone knows that part of the completion of the 26th Ave. Park relies on certain approval from Aurora,” said resident Brandon Clinton. “This looks like a shady deal where we give them a through street to our golden community, and they agree to give us a park. It is like Iran-Contra, but to a greater extent.”

SUN has stepped up and is speaking with national leaders who have a strong background in dealing with border security. “We were able to get in touch with Senator McCain,” said SUN President Mike Victoria. “He is going to come out and speak with SUN, Forest City, and the MCA, and will essentially let us know what he thinks needs to be done.” Stapleton residents may not all agree politically, but they do agree that if one person understands how to control a border, it is Senator McCain.

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2 responses to “SUN, MCA Concerned About Border Security After Through Street Completed”

  1. Stapleton Mayor

    I saw them laying the foundation for the toll booths and guard shack. The local construction workers have said there will be a $3.50 border crossing fee for non-Stapleton residents and you must provide formal ID. A smart camera system will also photograph all license plates as they cross into and out of Stapleton. Bikes will not be permitted in the trunks of cars through the DMZ.

  2. Jane White

    The toll will, however, be excepted on snow days, when Staplton residents want their sidewalks cleared. Thank god for the Stapletonion– I wouldn’t be able to stand the privilege, elitism, and the boisterous celebration of a complete lack of diversity that I observe as I lounge by Aviator pool if I were not given the opportunity to laugh at it a little. Which is a privilege (duly noted).

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