Stapletonians Protect Possessions Through Booby-Trapping

Stapleton residents have put up with petty crime over the years, but residents have finally decided to take a stand. “Enough is enough,” said Eastbridge resident John Penningroth. “The police don’t seem to be doing enough patrolling around here, and our neighborhood watch signs don’t seem to be doing anything. So, I guess it is up to us residents.”

Residents have certainly felt safe in their homes when they are there. Most Stapleton homes have alarm systems, and there have been very few reported home invasions while residents are around. In fact, there have been few home burglaries reported overall. A majority of the crime is happening in people’s garages, porches, and yards. “We haven’t lost anything terribly expensive,” says resident Sarah Morningstar. “It is just really annoying, and we feel violated. It’s one thing when people leave garage doors open, but when they go through your yard to get into your garage, it is really disturbing.”

Residents are hoping to put an end to all of this petty theft through old school booby-trapping. “I was talking with my neighbor, and at first we kind of joked about it,” said Penningroth. “But then we thought, ‘hey, we could really do this.’” Penningroth decided to dig a pit right inside of his back gate. During the day, plywood is kept over the pit for safety, and at night, false grass covers the trap. “At the bottom, I have several sharp stakes to render any intruder immobile.”

The idea has caught on with Stapletonians and several residents are following Penningroth’s lead. Some are using standard deadfalls, others are using basic bear traps, and many have gone with sophisticated mechanisms which actually use small explosives. “More than anything, I think once the first couple intruders realize Stapleton means business, I think we will see a sharp decrease in crime,” says Penningroth.

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