Stapletonians Consider Paying $15/month to Become Whiter, More Snobbish

stapleton trying to get whiterA recent Front Porch article discusses the possibility of Stapletonians hiring a private security patrol to help monitor crime around the area. “I am so sick of not being able to leave my garage open and house unlocked without worrying someone could non-violently take something,” said Central Park West resident Shane Klunder. “Something has to be done about all of this declining, non-violent crime.” Residents hoping to add private security to the neighborhood cite the number of social media posts they see regarding package theft and suspicious behavior. “Every day you see something on Next Door or Stapleton Community Watch in regards to crime,” said resident Lesley Brody. “When you see these posts, especially the ones with visuals, it really gets me nervous. Sure, it’s a package today, but it could be a kid tomorrow.” Ken Dawley also likes the idea of some extra eyes in Stapleton. “I’m always happy when I see the horse patrols or police cars driving around,” said Dawley. “But is it enough?

According to the Denver Police Department (DPD), it is. “The truth is, there really isn’t a lot these private patrols do aside from take money and call police when they see a crime,” said DPD Lieutenant Rob Clark. “The types of crimes that are being committed typically aren’t deterred by these types of security patrols. It is really hard to tell if someone belongs on a porch or a bike without stopping them and asking them if it belongs to them. Plus, criminals really aren’t scared by these private security firms.” Estimates have shown that adding security detail to the MCA fees would be between $12 and $15 per month. For the detractors, it isn’t the cost that worries them.

“There is nothing whiter than private security detail,” said resident Ben Hruska. “It basically confirms the stereotypes people have of Stapletonians. That we live in a bubble, we think we are better than others, and we are predominantly white. Why do we want to support a negative stereotype of ourselves?” Eastbridge resident James Fobian is also against adding private security. “For me, it’s not about the money,” said Fobian. “I know most people in the community would hardly notice the $15 a month. But, I have an idea. How about we still pay the $15 per month, you lock your cars, houses and garages like normal people who live in a major US City (Denver is the 19th largest US City and growing fast) and with that $15 we get to not feel like stuck up, whitey pricks? Maybe we could take that $15 a month and donate it to charitable causes in surrounding communities in need?” Shena Sullivan feels the security concept is misguided as well. “Even if I thought it would help, I don’t like the idea,” said Sullivan. “It just feels wrong and gross. There are people here who can afford living in a gated community, then fine, move to a gated community. I would rather open Stapleton up than lock it down.”

There is no timetable on if and when Stapleton would hire private security detail, but residents can give feedback through the SUN Survey by clicking on the provided link. To be white or to be whiter? That is the question.

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