Stapletonians Already Feeling Crushing Economic Effects of Obama’s Second Term

Just one week after the election, Stapleton residents are already feeling squeezed by Obama’s second term. Obama’s poor economic policies have caused several Forest City Stapleton projects to be put on hold. “We were all set to complete our ‘to do list’ in a Romney administration,” said Forest City President Phil Dargossi. “With Obama back in office, it just doesn’t seem feasible now. We hope after his administration we can get someone in the White House that is fiscally responsible and thus finish our uncompleted work.”

Forest City sites several projects that were all set to be completed in the next six months, but now will not be able to do them based on the nation’s economy. “We had everything set to go on the 26th St. park, the East Bridge Town Center, the fourth school, and we were even going to pony-up for the Tower situation. But now, we just can’t take that risk. As a small business, we are really going to take a hit from this election.”

Individuals in Stapleton are also feeling the heat. “We had a family vacation planned for Disney,” said Joel Nelson. “We are still taking the vacation, but may end up sitting coach. I can’t imagine what it will be like, but from my understanding, I am losing another 20% of my paycheck.” Resident Liam Murphy recently had to purchase a Lexus instead of a Mercedes. “It was not easy,” said Murphy. “But, I think a lot of my friends will be forced to do the same so it won’t be as embarrassing when I see them at the club.”

Stapleton women are also feeling the pinch. “I really wanted to get a C cup, but now I am going to just have to settle for filling out a B,” said Amy Hill. “This not only affects me, but really the entire community.” For the sake of Amy and other Stapleton moms, The Stapletonion really hopes this economy gets straightened out.

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