Stapleton Wives Still Enjoy Dressing Slutty on Halloween

Halloween has long been a favorite holiday of the single crowd. It is another excuse to have parties and drink in excess, which everyone likes, plus you get to be creative and dress up and not be judged (that much). And for those who want to attract members of the opposite sex, Halloween gives them a chance to show a little more skin than usual. “Halloween is great,” remarked local resident Sandy Thompson. “Everyone is in a good mood and you talk about your costumes instead of work. Plus, it has no religious implications, so you don’t have to deal with that stuff either. So overall, just a great Holiday.”

Thompson is not alone as far as Stapleton women who still like to cut loose on Halloween. “When you have kids, a job, a house, and other responsibilities, you don’t get a chance to let loose that often,” said Christine Ortner. “Halloween lets you just relax, have fun, and at least think about your glorious, stress-free single days if only for a day.” And Stapleton women don’t mind dressing the part of being single for that one day. “Why not do it up?” said Ortner. “Once the pool closes, you basically have a full year before you can show off your body again. Halloween gives us moms that chance to remind our friends and neighbors that, ‘hey, I’m still really hot under these long sleeve shirts and sweaters.’”

Stapleton men are totally for the local women dressing as sexy as they want to. “Whatever makes them happy, really,” said Mark Litton. “If the hot chicks of Stapleton want to dress a little more risqué than usual, so be it. I’m glad they are having fun. And, if a side effect of them dressing that way happens to be me being able to look at their hotness, then we’re all winners.”

The Stapletonion encourages all residents to cut loose, and to be your sexy selves on Halloween. Whether you are going to a friend’s house party, or the Denver Halloween Bash, dress and party like it’s (insert year when you were sexiest).

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