Stapleton Wives Pissed “Movember” Giving Husbands Excuse to Let Themselves Go

Stapleton men already take a backseat to their typically much more attractive spouses. But with “Movembver” men feel they are more justified in letting themselves go. “With work, kids, and everything else, it’s pretty hard trying to look good,” said resident Tom Potter. “I try to get to the gym once a week, but it just isn’t easy.” Tom’s wife Dana disagrees. “He has plenty of time to get to the gym and take care of himself,” said Dana. “He simply thinks of other things to occupy his time. Like not going to the gym.”

Dana says that exercising is not Tom’s only issue when it comes to his appearance. “He dresses nice for work, but when he comes home, he immediately puts on old tee shirts, shorts or jeans. It’s not like I haven’t given him nice casual clothes to wear. He just doesn’t wear them.” Now, with “Movember” Tom doesn’t even have to worry about his facial appearance. “I love it,” said Tom. “Shaving is a pain in the butt, so it is great to not have to worry about. In fact, somehow not shaving means that I am supporting cancer research for men, or something like that. I haven’t had an exam in a while, and I gave any money for charity we had to breast cancer research, but if me not shaving can save a few lives, well, I’m not shaving.”

Dana is not pleased with Tom’s new look. “He looks like he is getting ready for deer hunting season,” said Dana. “And he has never even held a gun.” Dana says several Stapleton women agree. “It’s all over Stapleton moms, and my friends and I talk about it. The men already look kind of crappy, and now this? It is pretty silly, and I’m not sure any of them are doing it for the right reasons.” Dana is excited to get to December. “I just want “Movember” over with. Then I can get back on him for not exercising instead of focusing on his scraggly face.”

Editor’s Note: So, men already have a Men’s Health Week which takes place the week of Father’s Day. Do we need a Men’s Health Month? It really makes men look petty and jealous as if we are upset that women’s health dominates the month of October, so “we want our own month, too.” Guys, no need to be jealous of women. We have the NBA, and they have the WNBA. Everything doesn’t have to be equal. Furthermore, do the people that started “Movember” even know men? Men can’t be convinced to do things, you tell them once and they are either going to do it or not do it. A week is plenty of time to hammer home men’s health issues and guys will realize they should have a checkup or not. Prostate and testicular cancer are serious issues. In fact, in the US, 30,000 men will die this year due to prostate cancer, and just under 400 will die of testicular cancer. Both diseases are highly treatable. So, instead of growing ridiculous facial hair, get yourself a checkup, tell your friends and family to get checked, and donate money to prostate cancer research.

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