Stapleton Valentine’s Day Tradition: Airing of Grievances

valentines dayIn ‘honor’ of the stupidest and most pointless holiday ever, The Stapletonion would like the help of Stapletonians. To completely disrespect this Hallmark holiday, we would like people to view Valentine’s Day as a chance to air your grievances, as opposed to being forced to be oversentimental.

So, instead of feeling pressured to make up ridiculous Facebook posts such as, “Happy Valentine’s Day to the greatest husband in the world. You are the greatest man in the world and my best friend. I love you,” you can think of things that really annoy you about your spouse, and send to us or post on our Facebook site. We will post (ANONYMOUSLY) the best grievances in the February 19th issue of The Stapletonion (Issue 74).

Here are the rules.

  • You must currently be married to the individual. No remarks from bitter divorcees.
  • Nothing sexual in nature
  • Nothing too personal (i.e. my husband is fat, my wife is a horrible cook and doesn’t know it, etc.)
  • It must actually bother you

The biggest thing is to just keep it simple. Some examples include: not unloading the dishwasher, leaving laundry in the washer/dryer for days, not changing the lint screen, not changing the empty roll of toilet paper, etc. So, Happy Valentine’s Day, and send us the things that really piss you off about your spouse!

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