Stapleton Teen Already Sleeping Past Noon

teen sleeping inSummer is here, and that means Stapleton kids get off schedule pretty fast. After the final week of school, parents are excited to not stress about getting kids to bed so they can get them up for school in the morning. So, they let them stay up later, causing the kids to sleep in a little longer. This is most true for teens, as they are more likely to be allowed to stay out later, have overnights, or stay up late playing with one of their 15 different electronic devices. Stapleton teen Ethan Kimball adapted to his summer schedule more quickly than most. “He has been sleeping in until about noon every day,” said Ethan’s mom, Hope. “It’s absolutely ridiculous. We are trying to figure out what to do about it. He is not necessarily missing anything, it’s more that we think it’s pathetic, and a complete waste of a day.” Hope says Ethan is like most teenagers, and spends time with his friends riding bikes around the neighborhood, and going to the pool. Other days, Ethan stays around the house, but keeps busy by non-verbally communicating with friends. “Sometimes, he stares at his phone typing for hours straight,” said Hope. “I guess that can be pretty tiring.”

The Kimballs are trying to figure something out to break Ethan out of his sleeping pattern. “We have talked about him getting a job, but he’s 13, so there’s not a lot of things he can do,” said Ethan’s dad Mike. “We also could give him chores, but frankly, I’m not sure he will do things to the standard we are looking for.” The Kimballs are considering drastic measures. “We may have to take his iPad away, or even limit his time on his phone,” said Mike. “I know this may put a dent in his social status, but something needs to change. His lack of productivity is appalling.” The Kimballs believe a realistic goal for them is to have Ethan up every day by 10AM. “It shouldn’t be that big of a deal,” said Hope. “We think if we work with him, give him some chores to do every morning and limit his gaming at night, we can have him up by ten. That really shouldn’t be too much to ask.” But, of course, they are dealing with a teenager.

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One response to “Stapleton Teen Already Sleeping Past Noon”

  1. Liz

    I can’t wait to wake up my teenage sons at 5am as payback for the years of sleepless nights and up-with-the-sun mornings.

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