Stapleton Steelers Fans Humiliated After Loss

The 8.5 point underdog Denver Broncos shocked the world with their miraculous first round ousting of the powerful and proud Pittsburgh Steelers. The overtime victory was the Broncos fourth of the season, but it might as well have been their 18th. The Broncos have already accomplished more than anyone ever thought they would.

“I have so many bets, with so many people in this neighborhood, that I am going to have mortgage my house,” said Steeler fanatic Josh Closson. “The trickery that Tebow has been using all of these years just doesn’t seem very Christian.”

Josh is referring to the news The Stapletonion broke Sunday evening that Tebow is actually right handed, which he used against the Steelers. “No, I am not left-handed,” said a smiling Tebow. “I have been plotting this move my whole life, and this was the best opportunity to finally get to show people what I have. I mean, for years I have been hearing how bad I throw and that I can’t throw a spiral. No kidding. Let’s see you throw a perfect spiral downfield with your off-hand.”

For Steeler fans in Stapleton, it is news they would have liked to know much earlier. “I was already looking forward to beating that prick Brady again,” says Mike Victoria. “I bought my tickets from a neighbor for three times the value, just so I could tell people that I watched their first playoff game that year. What a disgrace.”

The Broncos are favored by 3.5 this week after the “right hand revelation” even though they were beaten badly at home by the patriots less than a month ago. “We have seen the real Tebow now,” says Closson. “They may always be an 8-8 team with a left-handed Tebow, but with his right arm, they can go all the way.”

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