Stapleton Residents Willing to Conserve Water, But Not at Cost of Green Lawns and Long Baths

Recent weather is not a good indication, but Denver and the state of Colorado are going through a stage 2 drought. Because of this, the City of Denver has implemented mandatory water restrictions. “The last time we declared a Stage 2 drought was in 2002,” said Greg Austin, president of the Denver Board of Water Commissioners. “We are facing a more serious drought now than we faced then. Our goal this summer is to insure the availability of high-quality water to our citizens, given current conditions and an unknowable end to the drought cycle, protecting not only the quality of life of our community but also the long-term security of our city’s system.”

This is all well and good for the city, but what about the Stapleton residents who simply want to have the greenest lawn on the block? “If it’s money they want, I’ll pay them the money,” says Stapleton resident and Infinity owner Andrew Stone. “I think it’s ridiculous and un-American to restrict my water. What next, are they going to restrict how much internet I can use?”

“The people that do our lawn every week use a certain amount of water to keep our yard beautiful,” says Harvard owner Ray Jones. “I am pretty sure this restriction is going to hurt what they are able to do. If you want to impose watering restrictions, why not do it in the winter when people aren’t really watering.”

Many Stapleton moms are also unhappy with the water restrictions. “We didn’t get an 8 foot jetted bathtub so that I couldn’t take long baths,” says Jenny Heinrich. “Are they really going to come in here and take away my right to bathe? If this is how we are going to get treated in Denver, I am going to just live in my Vail place year-round.”

Water restrictions are pretty tough cuts when it comes to Stapletonians, but residents are nonetheless required to respect the guidelines as set by Denver Water.

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