Stapleton Residents Petition Forest City: “Stop Cockblocking Eastbridge Towncenter”

Residents across Stapleton and specifically of the Eastbridge and Bluff Lake communities were inspired and awed upon learning of the series of amazingly unique, local, and creative options that have been repeatedly trying to gain footing in the Eastbridge towncenter, then frustrated to learn that they had all been turned away by the developer.

“Knowing that the MCA owns the strip of Geneva Court between Westbound MLK and Eastbound E. 29th Drive, I imagined a flexible public gathering space that would be walkable for the thousands who live nearby. Apparently it has just been Forrest City’s contingency plan all along to combine parcels and put in a large generic grocer and a gas station. So I’ve signed the petition,” said Bluff Lake resident Bridget Williams as she signed the petition.

When asked why a restaurant with a roof top deck overlooking the city skyline and mountains, already financed and with management in place from one of Denver’s finest restaurateurs had been turned down, Forrest City President Phil Dargossi replied “we don’t think that such amenities will mesh well with the car wash and our plans for a bank, hair salon, an amazing gas station, and perhaps an ATM. We know what these folks have been waiting eight years for, and by golly we’re going to be the ones to give it to them.”

“Despite continued failure of the Forrest City-selected retail options in Stapleton, they refuse to consider that they might not really ‘get’ what Stapleton residents want,” said Blake Stone while signing the petition. “I want to see some action in that space, and I don’t want it to be a chain fast-food restaurant or a gas station.”

Forrest City president Dargossi added, “we’re a giant national company and we do generic things in suburbia across the country… of course we know what’s best for the people who have opted to make their home in the uniquely largest urban redevelopment in the country. Look at how well Northfield is doing, look at how successful the grocer in the 29th Ave towncenter has been. Everything is great and people want more of the same from us. If the MCA’s Arts Center, a series of locally-owned restaurants, art and gathering space are in place and a small cooperative-type of market are put in, we think it might trigger a collapse of civilization.”

If you would like to join others in asking Forrest City to “Please Stop Cockblocking the Eastbridge Towncenter,” please click here.

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