Stapleton Residents Getting Older, Uglier

stapleton getting olderStapleton is now about 60% built out and has been around for over a decade now. Since the birth of the neighborhood, the community has been quickly adding elementary schools, junior highs, and now a high school. That alone should tell you how quickly folks in “the bubble” are aging. “When the community started, it was obviously a lot of young couples looking to start a family,” says SUN President Mike Victoria. “A lot of those couples that moved in were attractive and successful. So, the community has continued to grow in that fashion. Young, attractive couples moving to Stapleton looking to start families.”

Stapleton has continued to grow, with new young couples coming in. Some moved in with no kids, others came in with young kids. Either way, it has been young attractive people continuing to backfill as the rest of the community continues to age. “It is always nice when you see the new hot lady move into Stapleton,” says resident Tom Meyers. “Heck, even the new younger dude would come in with some great energy, and they could hang out later with no kids, and just are fun to hang out with. Of course, our neighborhood is pretty built out now, so unless someone moves, the odds of getting young, no-kids couples here is pretty slim.”

The aging of Stapleton is becoming a serious issue, according to Victoria. “I don’t think it’s a secret that Stapleton is getting older, and I guess uglier,” says Victoria. “The Stapleton community takes a lot of pride in being the best looking community overall in Denver, especially when it comes to females. That title could be in big time danger in the next few years.” With Stapleton 60% built out, there is simply less real estate for hotter, younger people to move into. The SUN Board and MCA is looking into some options to create greater turnover, and keep the young hotties coming into Stapleton.

“We aren’t just going to wave the white flag and say, ‘hey, we’re no longer hot,’” says MCA President Liza Kampstra. “There are things we can do as a community association. Maybe people need to move at 50, or at the time their kid graduates from high school. Maybe they need to pass some sort of ‘hot or not’ test. I don’t know. We have a lot of things we are considering, but something will be done.” Kampstra says the MCA receives over 200 email complaints a week in regards to residents unhappy with the attractiveness of other people in the community. “We used to never get these emails,” says Kampstra. “But now, it’s commonplace. If you go for a walk or run in Stapleton, at a minimum, three of five adults you see should be attractive.” For now, everything is status quo, but the MCA and SUN are working hard to bring our sexy back.

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  1. Dan

    Isn’t this why they put the botox clinic on CPB?

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