Stapleton Residents Fondly Remember When Bike Safety Was Number One Concern

teenage driverStapleton is getting older. And it’s not just the trees and the parents. Stapleton now has teenagers. Lots of them. There are of course the teenagers hanging out in the town center and now at Stanley. But, Stapleton now has teenage drivers. And this is scaring the hell out of parents. “My son is now old enough to drive on his own,” said Stapleton parent Rick Kimball. “It freaks the hell out of. One, because I worry about him, of course, and two because it makes me feel old as hell.” Lexa Martin also has a teenage driver in her house. “You just worry about them paying attention, focusing on the road, driving the speed limit. You know, all that stuff we didn’t do when we were kids.” There are now dozens of teenage drivers in Stapleton and that number will obviously continue to increase. With so many teenage drivers, it’s not just the parents of those drivers who are concerned. “Our kids aren’t close to driving yet,” said parent Deb Stewart. “But I am definitely more worried about my own kids crossing the street to go to the park, or playing in the alleys, crossing the alleys, etc. Teenagers don’t always have the best attention spans.” Dick Mitchell agrees. “Teenagers seem to be so busy with technology and phones and music, I’m not sure they’ll be able to pay attention to the roads,” said Mitchell. “I think Stapleton roads are getting a lot more dangerous.”

All of these new concerns remind parents of a simpler time in Stapleton, when bike safety was the biggest concern. “I remember freaking out about my son not wearing a helmet when he was a kid,” said Kimball. “Or, if he didn’t come to a complete stop at an intersection in our neighborhood. Man, how I wish I was still worried about those things.” Stewart also fondly recalls how she nagged her child regarding bike safety. “They had to have a helmet on, stop at all intersections, stay in the middle of the bike lanes. If only it was that easy now.” Parents understand that driving is just another milestone and that they will one day look back and talk about how worried they were about their kids driving but that went fine. “I know they will be okay,” said Mitchell. “We all made it through. They will be totally fine. Right? Right?”

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