Stapleton Residents Demanding Name Change to “Stapleton Aurora”

stapleton-AuroraThe first residents began moving into homes south of 26th Ave. in Aurora where open park space had originally been planned. Aside from losing the original open park space, residents are generally happy. “I’d rather have people as neighbors than prairie dogs,” said Eastbridge resident Sarah Mason. “Plus it blocks the otherwise direct view to Aurora, which is typically unpleasant.” Bob Morrow agrees. “Anything is better than the empty lot we have been staring at or running by for the last decade,” said Morrow. “Looking forward to having some new neighbors.” Most all Stapleton residents have no issues with the new build going on in Aurora, except for one major issue; its naming.

As of now, the neighborhood is being pegged as “Stapleton-Aurora” and it is not going over well with residents. “We have done everything, I mean everything to distance ourselves from Aurora,” said Stapleton resident Seth Gibbons. “And now, there is going to be a name that directly ties Stapleton and Aurora? I just don’t like it one bit.” Shanley Dawley is also upset about the name. “Stapleton Aurora?” questions Dawley. “Are we Stapleton-Denver? Or Stapleton Classic? Maybe Stapleton should have just been Park Hill East. Is there a precedent for a neighborhood crossing city lines? Ridiculous.” Many residents like Pat Westwick are demanding the neighborhood change its name. “I don’t care if the property is the same or the developer is the same,” says Westwick. “Stapleton is a Denver neighborhood, not an Aurora neighborhood. This is bullsh*t.” Residents are already at work putting together a list of alternative names for Aurora to consider for its newest neighborhood.

  • Aurora Platinum
  • Aurora Light
  • Safe Aurora
  • Aurora Buffer Zone

The Stapletonion will be working with the community and eventually Forest City and the City of Aurora to right this wrong. Please submit potential names for the neighborhood and we will publish them on our Facebook site or in our next issue. Thank you in advance for your attention to this urgent matter.

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3 responses to “Stapleton Residents Demanding Name Change to “Stapleton Aurora””

  1. Chuck Montera

    Aurora Utopia, Aurora Slendora, Aurora Niice

  2. Mark Macha

    Stapleton lesser, Stapleton minor, Little Stapleton, Stapleton on the low, or maybe just d’hood in Stapleton.

  3. Juan Denvah

    Hoodton, Unpleasantville, Stapletaur, Whoville.

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