Stapleton Resident Reports Presence of Water in Sand Creek

State health officials and Denver Water officials are confirming reports that water may have leaked its way into Sand Creek, a major source of cancer-causing pollutants for Aurora and Northeast Colorado.

Though officials say the “clear, liquid” material has been contained, they continue to work on pinpointing an exact source of the natural substance. Many suspect that rain or snow may have drained into the creek, greatly diluting the creek’s toxic properties.

A Stapleton resident told the Stapletonion that he reported the water, scientifically known as H2O, days before authorities were able to locate and confirm the presence of water in Sand Creek.

“I could just smell this odd freshness,” Dustin Seehaus said.

Seehaus frequently bikes and runs along the Sand Creek trail, and said he could tell that something was amiss when he heard “gurgling sounds” similar to sounds one would hear when walking by Westerly Creek. Upon closer inspection, Seehaus noticed a watery sheen on the oil filled creek.

“It clearly was not artificial,” Seehaus stated.

Officials say they are still awaiting results from a chemical lab, but it does appear that some water may have found its way into the creek. In the meantime, authorities are working to contain the water leak to ensure that Aurora’s main source of cancer remains pure.

The EPA was quick to state that, should water actually reach the drinking supply, “we have numerous procedures in place to ensure that any impact on the creek will not increase the health, fitness, or general well-being of Aurorans.”

For now, Seehaus says he wears a scarf soaked in gasoline around his mouth when he runs. “If I wanted to smell water, I’d run in Stapleton,” he added.

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