Stapleton Resident Plans Move Every Five Years to Avoid Home Maintenance

man too lazy for home maintenanceResident Matt Walsworth has lived in Stapleton since the beginning in 2002. He loves his neighbors, the neighborhood, and all the great things Stapleton has to offer. Matt has lived in the East 29th Ave. neighborhood, before moving to Eastbridge, then moving to Bluff Lake, and is now waiting for his home to be completed in Willow Park East. Matt’s family circumstances have not changed, nor has his needs for a different sized home. “I have really enjoyed all of my homes and all of the neighborhoods,” said Walsworth. “And it’s not that I enjoy moving, because, in fact, I do not. However, there is one thing I for sure dislike more than moving, and that is home maintenance. I mean, I don’t want to have to repaint, replace a water heater, a dishwasher, the air conditioning, or any of that stuff. So, I just make sure I have a move in the works every five years or so, so I can get out long before things start breaking down.” Matt’s wife says she is fine with the moves, as it is kind of a fun adventure for the family. “The kids get to meet more friends, and get new rooms,” said Stephanie, Matt’s wife. “They are always a little annoyed at first, but in the end, the enjoy the new place just as much as our previous one.”

Although Stapleton continues to grow, eventually, new home construction in Stapleton is bound to end. Matt does have a plan for this situation, however. “I plan on circling back with my old neighborhoods, said Walsworth. “At that point, people will have repainted and replaced all of the vitals, so, I’ll just restart my cycle. It’s really a perfect plan.” Matt says the economy has been on his side in the sense that he continues to either make money on his home sales or break even. “People keep buying here, so every time I sell, I break even at worst,” says Walsworth. “Plus, after buying so many homes here, I have become a pretty savvy home buyer.” Walsworth’s Willow Park East home should be completed in early September, and his next home in Stapleton’s next neighborhood should be completed about five or so years after that.

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