Stapleton Resident Hires Neighbor to Dye Hair, Get Piercing, Tats

In an effort to feel more hip, Suzie Hamrock, a Stapleton resident for over six years, hired Lauren Eads to change her appearance. Hamrock, a former Capitol Hill resident who moved here in 2003 when she was pregnant with her second child said “I was down at Buffalo Exchange the other day and just felt nostalgic.”

She paid $1,500 to Ms. Eads, and paid for all of the changes totaling $640 and two drunk nights out. Eads a week later brought out her new look at the Stapleton block party. Purple hair, a sleeve tattoo of bird feathers, a nose and three additional ear piercings. “I just can’t pull it off, you know, being the PTA treasurer and all. But Lauren, you know, just has that Joi de Vivre.”

Hamrock says she just feels cooler with “that element” hanging around. I pay her extra to come over when I am having a party with some of my old neighbors coming over so they don’t think Stapleton is so “you know.”

“It works out great, with my Stapleton friends, I can talk behind her back, judge her and make fun of her crazy life style. And then when I am with my cooler friends I can invite her over and pretend that I am still cool by like wearing my Depeche Mode t shirt or something like that.”

Hamrock also sends Eads mixed race dating web sites and has offered to help her adopt an Ethiopian baby. “I just really think the diversity in Stapleton is great, and I want to do everything I can do, to shake off our privileged, white community perception. That is why I pay for these things.”

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