Stapleton Principal HOA Really Pushing That Cube Thing

pushing the cubeThe Stapleton Principal HOA introduced “The Cube” a while back in an effort to “elevate cultural programming.” “We are hoping to host many events for the betterment of the community,” said HOA spokesperson Janelle Ayers. “So far, we definitely have made people aware of the events, and are trying to attract more.” To this point, the main events that have been hosted included the controversial name change discussion and several alcohol tasting related events. “We have done some beer tastings and a lot of wine tastings,” said Ayers. “We have considered combining alcohol with the controversial name change discussion, but ultimately decided that may be a bad idea.” The Cube hasn’t quite gained the momentum the Stapleton Principal HOA originally hoped for. “We thought there would be a lot more people attending these events as well as renting the space out for events,” said Ayers. “We know that momentum will come, we just need to be patient.”

Until more events request to reserve The Cube, the Principal HOA has taken it upon itself to fill the space on a regular basis. “We want to make sure we keep things going and keep the name of the facility out there,” said Ayers. “For that reason, we have doubled movie nights and active mind seminars, game nights, dance nights, trivia nights and on and on. We want every night to be booked to keep people coming in and seeing our great facility.” To Ayers, the number of participants is less important than the number of events. “We want to make sure the image is out there that we are constantly booked, and The Cube is the place to be.” It certainly is. Seven days a week.

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