Stapleton Principal HOA Building a Wall; Aurora to Pay Us Back

building a wallStapleton Principal HOA President Paul Harris is following through on his original plan to build a wall between Stapleton and Aurora. Sort of. In his original announcement, Harris promised a wall, but said the Stapleton Principal HOA would not have to pay for a dime of it. “We are going to build the wall,” shouted Harris. “And they (pointing to Aurora) are going to pay for it.” Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan has repeatedly stated his city will not take part in paying any money for a wall between Stapleton and Aurora. “It’s absolutely ridiculous,” said Hogan. “This is not something we have ever considered, nor is it something we would ever do. In the few conversations I have had with Harris, he is clearly not the kind of person who is sound of mind, and he cannot be trusted.”

Harris says that plans for a wall have been drawn up, and construction will start this spring. “This project is too important to be delayed any longer,” said Harris. “We are going to move this project forward for the people of Stapleton.” Experts have estimated the cost of such a project to be somewhere between five and ten million dollars. “Sacrificing dollars for safety and peace of mind is an easy thing to do,” said Harris. “Especially when those dollars won’t be ours.” However, as the project nears, Harris admits that initial funds will come out of the Stapleton Principal HOA budget. “To move the project forward, we will initially use some of our funds,” said Harris. “But, there is no doubt in my mind we will be reimbursed by Aurora.” Mayor Hogan continues to strongly rebuke this claim. “Never. Ever. Never. Is that clear?”

Residents who were originally for the plan, are now hesitating on the idea. “Of course I want a wall,” said resident Scott Morrow. “But, that is a lot of money out of the Stapleton budget that it doesn’t look like we would get back. That money could be used for new pools.” Tiffany Bearbower agrees. “I was all for it if it wasn’t coming out of our budget,” said Beerbower. “But, I don’t like the idea of our community shelling out millions of dollars for something, quite frankly, that Aurora should be paying for.” Several community members are starting a petition to stop the project before it gets going, led by Aaron Johnson. “We cannot allow this ridiculous project to get going,” said Johnson. “This is our community, not a pet project of Harris. Community members will not allow this, and the project will be put to a hault.” A community meeting is scheduled at the Cube on Friday, February 3rd from 6-8PM. All residents are welcome.

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