Stapleton Pot-Heads Pay Aurora Pot-Heads to Stand in Lines

Historic Legal Recreational Marijuana Sales Starts Today in ColoradoIf you have at all been social in Stapleton, you probably know that a lot of people used to smoke a little pot, and some maybe still do after the kids go to bed. It makes sense, after all, Stapleton is a highly educated community, and a lot of people smoked weed in college. “I have never thought it was that big of a deal,” said resident Zack Dinnebier. “It’s not a dangerous drug, per se, and as long as people do it privately and don’t disturb others, who cares?” Other residents agree. “It’s not like cocaine,” said John Haugen. “You’re not going to have a sudden heart attack. It’s not even addictive. Dorito tacos are, but not the weed.”

So, when marijuana became legal on January 1st, it’s no surprise that some Stapleton residents were going to make a purchase, if not only for being part of history. “It’s really incredible to think of where we are at,” said Stapleton pot smoker Dan Moellering. “People used to do serious time for possession of weed, now you can go to the local East Colfax dispensary and purchase it. I don’t smoke that often, but this is actually kind of cool.” However, when Stapleton residents found out that there would be huge lines at the dispensaries, they got creative.

“I wanted to stay home and watch football,” said Moellering. “So, I posted an ad on Craigslist saying I was looking for someone to go to the dispensary for me and wait in the long lines. I would pay them a nominal fee and I would get my weed. Everyone wins.” Moellering said he was a little concerned about trusting individuals for such a task. “Typically, I don’t trust people from Aurora, and that’s who I was getting responding to the ad. However, it wasn’t a lot of money, so I didn’t have a lot to lose.” In the end, things worked out for Moellering, and he had his wife post the advice on the Stapleton moms yahoo group.

After the post, several other residents followed Moellering’s lead. “I heard there were dozens of ads similar to mine posted within the hour,” said Moellering. Jessica Wiley was one of those residents. “Sounded like a really smart solution,” said Wiley. “It worked out for me, and I know others that had a similar experience.” Moellering, Wiley, and dozens of other Stapleton residents were able to be a part of Colorado history, all without ever leaving the couch.

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