Stapleton Parents Uncertain of Last Time Kids Showered

kids not showeredSummer can often be as hectic or more than the school year for working parents. Kids have camps, play dates, short vacations, long vacations, and pool days. Ohhhh the pool days. Without the daily structure that school provides, parents can lose track of all sorts of things. What did they have for breakfast? Did they eat lunch? Have they brushed their teeth? Have they left the couch today? What day of the week is it?

The Tisdales are such a family. “We have so much going on,” said Jason Tisdale. “We both work from home and we try to arrange things so that we don’t have to have a nanny,” said Jason. “It seems busier than the school year, and we certainly get less work done.” Wife Amy agrees. “We are running around daily trying to figure out how to keep them busy if they aren’t at a camp,” said Amy. “It’s just crazy. And then, because it’s summer, they end up staying up later. Which means to get things done, we stay up later. Honestly, I’m exhausted talking about it. Is it mid-August yet?”

One thing the Tisdales are struggling with is remembering the last time the kids showered. “They go to the pool so often, and they take showers at the pool, I think,” guessed Jason. “Not sure if there is soap or they bring soap, however.” Amy thinks she remembers them showering yesterday. “Pretty sure they showered yesterday, because that is when we had the Montgomery kids over for a play date. Wait, we had them over a week ago too. Was it last week that they showered? I honestly can’t remember.” The Tisdales say they are definitely going to make sure the kids shower tomorrow. If they can remember, anyway.

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