Stapleton Parents Forced to Rent Space to Hide Kids’ Presents

storage facility for presentsStapleton parents Stew and Carol Hogan promise to not go overboard every year. However, every Holiday Season, they find themselves in the same predicament with lots of presents and no place to put them. “We used to be able to hide them different places in the loft and the basement,” said Stew. “But, the kids are getting older, so they seem to be doing more ‘exploring’ so to speak. We can only put so many toys in Carol’s underwear drawer.” The couple had been shifting things from car to car, covering items with blankets, but it got to be too much. “Our neighbors used to hide things at their place as well,” said Carol. “But, they have so much stuff now, too. We couldn’t have their kids finding our kids’ stuff.”

Ultimately, the Hogans decided they needed a better temporary hiding solution. “We eventually went with a nearby storage facility in Aurora,” said Stew. “Sure, it adds more money to the Christmas expense, but it does remove a lot of the stress. The kids aren’t going to drive to the storage facility, find the correct compartment, and then have the key.” The Hogans also figured out a way to at least mitigate some of the cost. “We shared the idea with our neighbors, and they loved the idea. So, we just split the cost, and it works out great for everyone.” The Hogans could consider not going overboard every Christmas, but that’s just not going to happen.

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