Stapleton Parent Prepared for “Your Child is Gifted” Talk

smart kindergartnerKathy Zarifis has always known her daughter Madrid was gifted. “She started talking really early, and always seemed to point out things that kids her age shouldn’t understand,” said Kathy. “She can’t read yet, but I can tell she is close. She does really well with her numbers, and her spatial reasoning in regards to coloring and building things with blocks is quite remarkable.” Kathy says her and her husband aren’t the only ones that can tell Madrid is special. “My mom will even notice little things she does and point out how amazing it is,” said Kathy. “The neighbors will notice things and let us know how impressed they are with her. She is pretty special.”

Madrid has been enrolled in preschool at The Creative Learning Preschool for the last two years, and now is headed to kindergarten. “She has thrived at preschool, and I know she is ready for kindergarten,” said Kathy. “She of course has friends her own age, and I can tell she is much more advanced than them. I am sure her new teacher will notice the same things.” Madrid begins kindergarten this year at Isabella Bird. “We chose Isabella Bird because we feel they provide the best learning environment to continue to foster her genius and continue her advancement. We definitely think it’s the best fit for her.”

Kathy is ready for the first parent-teacher conversation, and is pretty confident of the direction things will go. “I mean, most certainly they will bring up how smart she is and how great she is doing in school,” said Kathy. “Then, obviously, they will want to know if we are interested in moving her up a grade the next year. We haven’t decided on that yet. I think the biggest thing if you are in a position like us, the parents of a gifted child, is just to be gracious, and give a short, prepared speech.” Kathy also says that the school doesn’t owe them any ‘thank you’s.’ “I’m sure the principal will want to meet us and thank us for enrolling Madrid there. But, hopefully it will be a win for everybody. We knew it would be a win for the school.”

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