Stapleton Nanny Shows Up to Work Without Visible Tattoo

nanny without tattoosThe Beatty family recently completed their search for their summer nanny, and they decided to have her start working about 10 hours a week prior to the end of school. “It gives us a little more flexibility, and will help the kids get used to her,” said Celeste Beatty. The Beattys were really excited about their new nanny, Jessica. “She was really good with the kids right off the bat,” said Mark Beatty. “When we met with her, she clicked with us and seemed really responsible and really what we are looking for.” On her first day of work, Jessica showed up on time and ready for work. The Beattys did have one problem with her, however.

“She was wearing a tank top,” said Celeste. “Which, of course we have no issue with. The problem we had was that we did not see any tattoos on her anywhere. I would think there would have been one visible somewhere, with the tank top and all.” Mark agreed. “When we interviewed her, we didn’t ask her if she had any tattoos, we just assumed she had one somewhere, being a nanny,” said Mark. “Maybe it won’t end up being that big of a deal, it’s just that we never had a nanny who didn’t have a tattoo before.” Celeste does not plan to fire Jessica at this point. “We are going to see how it plays out,” said Celeste. “There is a chance she has a tattoo on her foot we missed, or maybe on her lower back. I’m going to try to casually bring it up in conversation. I guess I’m still holding out that she has one, like the rest of the world’s nannies.”

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