Stapleton Mothers Needed: Pool Accident Study

Now that summer is in full swing, many families will be frolicking regularly at the daily pools. This may seem like a carefree joyous occasion to some moms; however, many Stapleton mothers come to the pools masking a serious anxiety disorder because they fear that their child will either vomit or do a number two in the pool. Dr. Greg Asbee of the Women’s Mental Health Facility in Aurora says that these disorders fall into three categories:

  1. My child has pooped or vomited in the pool. The lifeguard saw it, ordered everyone out of the pool, and I was publicly humiliated. I have various negative physical reactions every time I take my kids to the pool.
  2. My child vomited or pooped in the pool. Other people saw it but I just scooped it out, was embarrassed, then went about my business as they were disgusted and told their friends. I still feel like those people are watching me and talking about the repulsive incident every time we go to the pool.
  3. My child vomited or pooped in the pool. No one saw it so I scooped it out but felt really, really guilty about it and still do.

So if you are a Stapleton mom, fall into one of these categories, and would like to take part in a study that could possibly cure you of your disorder and pay you for your time, please contact Dr. Greg Asbee at  Dads are ineligible for the study as Dr. Asbee mentions that dads really just don’t care when things like this occur.

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