Stapleton Mom’s Yahoo! Group to (Kind Of) Shut Down!

bigtentThe infamous Stapleton Mom’s Yahoo! Group will be no more. The group will be shutting its preverbal doors after close to a decade of operation in the community. But before people start losing their heads, it’s more of a move than a shut down. “We are simply changing our format,” said Stapleton Mom’s moderator Cindy Jeurgens. “We are moving away from the clumsy format on Yahoo! to a more robust, easy to use format on Big Tent.”

Not surprisingly, the announcement has had mixed reviews. “We have been a Yahoo! Group forever,” says longtime member Samantha Jones. “I don’t know why it is necessary to change. The current system is fine. Plus, I don’t want to learn a whole new format. I mean, it’s like if you used Windows ’97 and then suddenly were thrust into Windows XP. Just a totally new system.”

Other mom members agree. “Aside from the fact that the new system may be harder and not easier to use, there are other concerns,” says Kristi Stevens. “They want to switch over to the new format by March 25th. There are almost 5,000 users on Yahoo! Moms and they need 5,000 people to just pack up and leave? Aside from the whole thing not being necessary, the timing seems very aggressive.”

So aggressive that some moms are refusing to leave. “They may shut the group down, but I am not joining the new group,” says Mandy Gibbs. “I will not budge. I have been on the Yahoo! site forever, and short of a federal court injunction, I am not leaving.” Jeurgens says no one will be forced to leave Yahoo!, but that the moms group in its current format will not be available there. “Certainly, some people could just start up the exact same group,” said Jeurgens. “But, we have the support of most of the big players, so it won’t be as good as what we will have over at Big Tent.

Some moms are more supportive of the move. “You are really just registering on a web site, so not that big of a deal,” says Mariah Lima. “My guess is that registering on the new site will take three minutes, and learning how to use it will take less than five. So, I think people are making way too big of a deal about it.” Amanda Becker agrees. “I think it is also good to get a fresh start,” says Becker. “The Yahoo! group has not been short on controversy, so maybe escaping Yahoo! will help us put all of the craziness behind us.”

In fact, the Stapleton Moms Yahoo! group has been so well known for its controversy, that Big Tent was reluctant to accept the group originally. CEO Donna Novitsky explains. “At Big Tent, we are trying to stay above the fray. Of course, we had heard of the Stapleton Moms group and wanted to avoid being associated with them. But after many discussions between the leadership teams, we decided we would take a chance on them.”

The Yahoo! moms group expects the move to take place by the goal date of 3/25. “In the end, you’re either with us or against us,” says Jeurgens. “And I don’t think the Stapleton Moms group is something you want to be against.”

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