Stapleton Mom’s Yahoo Group: “Hey, Everyone, My Neighbor Katie Lance is Really Bad at Her Job”

The Stapleton Mom’s Yahoo Group has certainly served a great purpose over its many years. The biggest benefit has been the ability to easily buy and sell goods, but it has helped in several other areas as well. People have received advice to help with their kids, found play dates, and asked advice on types of vehicles they should buy. All of this would seem like enough, but like any other organization, the Stapleton Mom’s Yahoo group is always looking to improve and expand.

In recent years, the group ventured into politics, letting people know who they should vote for and where they should stand on certain issues facing the country. This was extremely helpful, and proved to be a big success. “We knew it was an area that we needed to step up and cover,” said group moderator Cindy Jeurgens. “I think people learned a lot and the dialogue was so civil and helpful.” That success has led the group to yet another area that had not yet been covered.

“There are so many small business owners in Stapleton,” said Jeurgens. “Plus, we have doctors (medical), dentists, realtors, and lawyers that all live and work in the community. Our forum had not yet provided a way to publicly chastise these hard-working members of our community.” The Yahoo group came out strong this week when someone posted a question regarding working with Katie Lance’s IT consulting firm. “It was a big success,” said Jeurgens. “Immediately, people responded to the question so that all of our almost 5,000 members were able to see their opinions. It worked out great.”

The test run for the newest venture for Stapleton Mom’s Yahoo Group seemed to be a success. Some people reported that they did not have a good experience with Katie Lance, but others thought she did a great job. Luckily, all of these opinions were in full view of all of the Stapleton Mom’s members, and most certainly Katie Lance and her friends and family got a chance to see what someone said about her to 5,000 people. Another Stapleton Mom’s success story. Jeurgens said that Stapleton Mom’s will continue its mission of moving forward and helping the community. Soon to come topics include:

• Can we agree that my neighbor, ______ is fatter than me?
• Is my husband sleeping with ________?
• The _______’s kids are really annoying!
• My neighbor’s, the ________’s never, ever shovel. How can I tell them it bothers me?
• The _______’s think their baby is cute. It is not.
• _______ just lost his job. I think they are going to lose their house.
• I am having an affair with _______.

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