Stapleton Moms: “There’s More Than One Way to Skin a Cat”

The popular Yahoo Group Stapleton Moms had one member looking for answers, and several members willing to give them. A member recently discussed the sensitive topic of confronting a neighbor whose indoor/outdoor cat has been pooping in their yard. This question set off a firestorm, the likes of which have not been seen since two weeks ago on Stapleton Moms on a topic that has already been long forgotten, much as this one will soon be.

Moms from everywhere (meaning all the different boroughs in Stapleton) weighed in on the topic. The Stapletonion understands that training the cat not to poop in the yard would be a huge undertaking, and confronting the neighbor would be awkward as well. This leaves only one solution: keeping cats out of your yard in the first place. So along with some of the practical suggestions from Stapleton Moms, The Stapletonion has included a list of proven ways to keep cats from pooping in your yard.

  • Keep a coyote in your yard
  • 11 scarecrows. 10 is not enough
  • Have two sandboxes: One for the kids, and one for the cats
  • Spread Starbucks coffee grounds in your yard: cats are Dunkin’ Donuts animals
  • Keep speakers in your yard quietly playing “Mambo Number 5”
  • Get a fake cat and pose him dead in the yard—then they’ll know you mean business
  • Put a sandbox in another neighbor’s yard along with some fish—no longer your problem
  • Keep a sign in yard that states “Cats pooping in yard punishable by $500 fine”
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