Stapleton Mom Making Smooth Transition from Children’s Butler to Children’s Chauffeur

mom ChauffeurStapleton mom Christine Morningstar has worked for roughly 12 years as a butler for her two boys, ages 10 and 13. She has provided meals, cleaned rooms, done laundry and many other tasks to help the boys any way she could. Overall, it has been a very gratifying experience for her. “I’ve really enjoyed this job,” said Morningstar. “Of course, it can be a grind, but I really do love these boys and would do anything for them. I think what makes any job special is who you work with, and these kids have been great to work with.” As the boys have grown older, their needs have changed, however. They are not as picky with meals, they clean their own rooms, and have even started trying to do their own laundry. “I knew my position was getting downsized,” said Morningstar. “So, we sat down to talk about where the organization was headed, and if there was somewhere else I could fit in.”

The boys knew the business wasn’t going to survive with Morningstar serving as a butler, but they knew there was somewhere else she was needed. “We talked for a while about other ways I may be able to help out and stay with the company,” said Morningstar. “We realized they are going to so many sporting activities, sleepovers, meeting friends out, and so on. They could really use a chauffeur. So, I told them my qualifications, and we agreed that I should just transition over to being a chauffeur.” Any growing pains in the transition have been small, and overall everyone is happy with the new position. “It has been great,” said Morningstar. “It’s more time with my great bosses, and really isn’t a lot different from my last position. I’m here to serve them. And if that’s driving them, great. If it’s laundry, fine. It doesn’t matter. Just keeping this company moving in the right direction.”

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