Stapleton Mom Collapses from Exhaustion on Final Day of School

woman-collapsing-from-exhaustion3The school year is tough for all parents, but it can be extremely difficult for stay at home moms who bare most all of the weight of getting kids to and from school and activities. There are schedules to manage, lunches to make, carpools and playdates to organize, and keeping the kids up with their schoolwork. On top of it all, there is the stress of maintaining the image of the Stapleton mom. The stress of the 160 day school year is too much for many stay at home moms, so most forget about a school event, double book an after-school activity, forget to pack a lunch, and others even skip a yoga class or two. For the ones who stick with the program and keep everything together, the race can be grueling. “This is my fourth time doing the school year as a stay at home mom,” said Stapleton mom Dana Klein. “I take a little time off in the summer, but then it is right back into training. Some people think I am crazy for doing it for four years now, but there is a sense of accomplishment when you cross the finish line.” Tracy Wolf agrees. “Moms like us are just wired different,” says Wolf. “If we are not competing to do our absolute best, we are lost without a purpose. The ‘school year challenge’ is what makes us get up every morning. It’s what drives us.”

The end of the race can be emotional for many, as some break out into tears on the final day of school. “Yeah, it’s emotional,” said Swigert mom Kate Pappas. “You’ve been doing this race for over nine months with very few meaningful breaks. When you finally get to the end…well, emotions can get the best of you.” For one of the competitors, Kim Huff, physical and mental exhaustion finally got the best of her on the last day. “I just collapsed,” said Huff. “I couldn’t go on any more. Take the kids here, bring this, don’t forget this, can we go here, get my workout in, schedule a dinner party, and on and on. I was trying to finish strong, but the weight of it all finally crushed me, and I collapsed.” Luckily for Pappas, she was still able to finish due to the help of some of the other competitors. “Some of the other moms were there to pick me up and get me across that line,” said Pappas. “That’s the really great thing about the competition. Yeah, we are all competitors, but at the same time, there is that respect for one another, and I think they saw me that close to the finish line, so wanted to get me across it. I am very thankful to them. It was a great moment.” Pappas is not sure if she will be competing in ‘the school year challenge’ next year. “It may have been a one-time thing, I’m not sure. I know the ‘work week challenge’ was much easier back when I did that, so I am considering doing that again. I’ll take a short break, then decide.” For all of the Stapleton moms who complete the ‘school year challenge,’ we salute you.

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