Stapleton Mom Collapses from Exhaustion on 12/26

mom collapses after christmasThe day after Christmas, Stapleton mom Wendi Frazier finally succumbed to the pressure, stress, lack of sleep, and overexertion and collapsed on to her living room floor. “To be quite honest, we couldn’t believe she made it through Christmas,” said husband Rob. “We hosted extended family so there was extensive cooking and cleaning efforts, shopping for everyone, wrapping presents, baking, and on and on. It was a heck of an effort.” Rob says he tried to help Wendi out but most of his efforts were in vain. “She doesn’t trust I’ll do it right,” said Rob. “Now, that’s not a knock on me. She won’t let anyone help her. So, sure, some of these wounds are self-inflicted, but she did do it all right. She really crushed it this year. But, she does most years.”

What was really impressive was her ability to stay up late, drink wine, and act as if she cared about people’s pointless stories. “She drank glass after glass after glass, asking questions as if she was interested in the answers,” said Rob. “I mean, if there are two things Stapleton women are really good at, aside from being really hot, it’s drinking a lot of wine and acting as if they care about people’s pointless conversations.” The family is unsure when Wendi will come to. “She usually wakes up after 14 to 16 hours,” said Rob. “But then she is not completely functional and coherent for about four to five days.” Wendi promised herself she won’t ever do this again. But, let’s be honest, she absolutely will be doing the same thing next year.

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