Stapleton MCA to Open “Nanny Only” Pool

In an effort to make Stapleton moms less self conscious and nannies less “creeped out,” the Stapleton MCA has agreed to turn one of its pools (YTD) into a “nanny-only” pool.  The pool has received extremely mixed feedback, albeit consistent within groups.  For example, Stapleton moms and nannies are very excited about the new pool.  “I think it’s great,” says Stapleton mom Delicia Speaker.  “There are so many nannies, that it makes sense to have a pool just for them.  It is not about us moms.  We just really care about the nannies.”  Nannies are on the side of the moms.  “I am excited,” says Heidi Andreasen.  “It will be nice to go to the pool without getting stared at by all those really creepy old guys.  I mean, the other day, this dad that was like 36 said hi to me.  Ewwww!”

Dads have been strongly against the pool, but finally made the concession after the MCA agreed to install a nanny-cam that can be downloaded as an app.  “Mostly, I want to make sure that the nannies are doing a good job with the kids,” says Jeff Meyerholz.  “Whether it is my kids or not, I care about the kids in this community.”  Dad’s will be able to “keep track” of the nannies through the nanny-cam app available for Droid and iPhones.

The MCA believes the new pool will be a success.  “There are enough nannies here that it simply makes sense to have it,” says MCA president Liza Kampstra.  “With the agreement of the nanny-cam, and the fact that we will be able to sell advertising on the app, this is win-win for everyone.”  It has not been decided yet which pool will become the nanny-pool, but it seems that any of the pools will suffice in the eyes of the community.


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9 responses to “Stapleton MCA to Open “Nanny Only” Pool”

  1. Stinky Rhodes

    I say make the Town Center fountains “Nannies Only”. The increase in foot traffic would be a big boost for the nearby businesses.

    “Hey kids, Mom’s tired, let’s go for pizza and ice cream!”
    “You’re the best Dad ever!”

  2. Levy


  3. Joe S

    I would like to be a full time volunteer lifeguard. Can you please forward information on applications.

  4. Joe S

    I just spoke to my wife and told her that I have decided to volunteer for a community “out reach” program in Stapleton and she thought it was a great idea. So why dont you put me down for as much overtime as possible, or, I am happy to work double shifts. If we could keep this “out reach” program quiet I would appreciate that because I was very vague about what I was volunteering for. I told her it was a mentor thing for young vulnerable adults. This is a female nanny pool only Right?

  5. Mama Mia

    I was never “self conscience” with the nannies at the pool. I was just annoyed that everyone thought I was a nanny because I look so awesome in a swimsuit. This new set up will be great.
    P.S. I know some nannies who would love to make a few extra bucks to help editing the Stapletonion. They might do a better job than the ones you have now:)

  6. Steven

    Never have I seen nanny s like the ones in the picture. My wife is a hottie so I couldn’t care less. However it is my pool close to me I’m would be pissed if I have to drive to another one! If you have all the $$ for a nanny why don’t you fund your own backyard pool!

  7. Hank

    I am a grandfather and my wife and I babysit our two grandchildren. I am insulted by the reference to “creepy old guys”, and I believe my wife and I have the right to take our grandchildren to any of the pools in Stapleton.

  8. Phil Dargossi


  9. Precious Kittie

    Why is mom’s written as a possessive rather than a plural in the first sentence? Can we hire a person to write the articles who is worth the $25 we have to pay every month to MCA? Oh, and the young hotties in the pool picture look like Brazilian models, hahaha.

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