Stapleton MCA Accused of Purebred Supremacy

After the release of the 2013 Stapleton MCA dog calendar, one resident has raised the question about discrimination of mixed breed dogs that reside in the neighborhood. This community member is Kari Stevens, the owner of two mixed breed canines. We have decided to publish Kari’s exact words. What follows is her personal account of the events that lead to this strong accusation.

“I absolutely love my dogs. They are siblings from the same litter. Their mix is Dachshund, Yorkie, Jack Russell, and Pug otherwise known as Dorkie Jugs. I submitted an adorable photo of my Dorkie Jugs to the MCA’s dog calendar contest with hopes that they would be chosen to be pictured in one of the 12 months of 2013. When my little Dorkie Jugs were not chosen, I was disappointed but didn’t think much of it until I saw the calendar. Every dog in the calendar is a purebred with the exception of one token Labradoodle. After that realization, I was very aware of the condescending comments from other Stapleton residents like, “Mixed breeds are always sooo cute,” and “Wow-they could almost pass for real pugs. I mean if you didn’t know…” I then started to feel like the majority of the residents were purebred dog supremacists also. I started to become really self-conscious of my little Dorkie Jugs. I then asked my next door neighbor who has a Giant Noodle (Giant Poodle & Newfie mix) if he feels the same way. He said he in fact does hear similar comments but feels that everyone is just jealous of his Giant Noodle so has chosen to not pursue the issue.

Well I personally refused to ignore such injustices. That is when I decided to notify the Stapletonion to get the word out. I would like to know if anyone else out there feels that the MCA are purebred dog supremacists and/or if anyone feels oppressed by residents with purebreds. I would like to start a petition requesting that the MCA select at least 50% crossbreeds for the 2014 calendar. I feel that if residents see them as role models, the discrimination will eventually cease and my little Dorkie Jugs won’t feel like second class dogs. When I’m out walking my pets, my dream is to hear people say, “Look! There are the cute little dogs from the MCA calendar. May we take a picture with you and your Dorkie Jugs?”

The Stapletonion notified the MCA of Kari’s accusations but their attorneys declined to comment. If you would like to give your opinion on this issue and/or help Kari obtain signatures for her petition, please contact the Stapletonion. She would like anyone who cheers for the “underdog” to join her.

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