Stapleton Manger Scene Replaces Baby Jesus with Baby Tebow

In an only slightly controversial move, a Stapleton resident has created a manger scene where there is no baby Jesus, but a baby Tebow. The baby Tebow dons a number 15 Broncos jersey, and the three wise men are all “Tebow-ing” next to the baby.

“We still love the baby Jesus,” said resident Steve “Stevie” Schall. “We just feel that this Christmas we have really been blessed with the thoughts of playoffs dancing in our heads.” Schall has not completely given up on Jesus as potentially being the Savior. “Look, we still think it is possible that Jesus is the Chosen One. From what we learn from going to church three times a year, he seems great. But, this is a ‘what have you done for me lately’ world, and Tebow has been there for us.”

Schall points to more evidence that Tebow could actually be the Chosen One. “I haven’t really read the Bible, but I know Jesus has performed miracles. But, as many miracles as Tebow? Probably not,” states Schall. “Furthermore, the Virgin Mary gives birth to the Virgin Tebow? I mean, wow. A little too coincidental.”

Not all residents are excited about the manger scene. “I haven’t seen something this sacrilegious in a long time,” says resident Jim Farrell. “I mean, depicting Christ as a baby football player? To use a football term, this is way out of bounds.”

The small controversy has sparked some corporate backlash this week as Lowes has decided they will never again sell any home improvement items to the Schall family. “What is this? The Soviet Union?” questioned Schall. “I thought I had some religious freedom here, but maybe not.”

Schall says he will keep the manger scene up until after the Broncos miraculous run with Tebow is over. In Schall’s mind, that won’t be until early February.

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3 responses to “Stapleton Manger Scene Replaces Baby Jesus with Baby Tebow”

  1. Bruce Vandal


  2. steve

    LOL, funny… So it’s a bit sacrilegious, grow up! The 1st Amendment to the Constitution protects his rights (as well as your right to not like it). We have become a country of retarded socialist versus maintaining our capitalistic backbones. It’s not hurting anyone (except a few feelings) you pansy @$ses. I am sick and tired of all the Tebow crap too, he’s a man not a football messiah of any sorts. Seriously Lowe’s – You are free to not serve them as we are all free to not buy at Lowe’s. Obviously the deciding “manager” from Lowe’s suffers from either low self-esteem or lack of religious faith. Before you all get on your high horse of religious faith remember that it is the differences which make a society stronger, if we are all alike then who would work all the farms? (As I’m sure you all grow your own damn food) Ridiculous Hippocrates! I’ve read about the last few times any “ethnic” cleansing worked well, ref Germany 30’s!

  3. Stinky Rhodes

    Really? LOL!

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