Stapleton Man Still Refuses to Believe Central Park Blvd. Exit is Open

Greg Alesch is an Eastbridge resident who patiently waited for the Central Park exit to open, but time and time again was disappointed when it was either not opened, or only opened enough to detour drivers to the Havana exit. “I remember the first time I saw the sign that said ‘Central Park Blvd. Exit,’” says Alesch. I was so excited to not have to take Havana anymore, so I took it. I had to get right back onto the highway because of the construction.”

This would not be the only time Greg was disappointed. “Another time I took it, and all I got was a long frontage road to Havana,” said Alesch. “I hate getting stuck at the train stop on Havana but at least I can trust I will eventually get through.” Greg was also duped while running on 29th street in Stapleton. “I saw one of those bond measure signs, and it had the Central Park Exit written on it. And on top of that, almost like a stamp, it said, ‘completed.’ Well, my next time out, I gave it one last chance, and sure enough, I was turned back around and diverted by construction cones. I am done with Central Park Blvd. and its empty promises.”

Greg is so frustrated, he compares it to a long on again-off again relationship he had in the past. “This girl would always say she changed, and we would get back together. But, no, she didn’t change. This happened about seven different times over a decade. Anyway, I am not going to go through that again.” Greg’s friends have offered to help him through the ordeal. “He actually refuses to drive with anyone that has any intention of going that direction,” says close friend Jay Roberts. “I understand he is hurt, but it is time to let it go. He ends up wasting a lot of time in the car.”

“Maybe someday I will go with a group of friends and try it out,” says Alesch. “But, I feel like all that is going to happen is me wasting my voice on a bunch of ‘I told you so’s.’”

Editors Note: The Central Park Blvd. exit is open.

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