Stapleton Man Resents Friend No Longer Needing Babysitters

resentful manJohn Ubben and Duane Koellner have been Stapleton friends for 10 years. They go golfing, go to games, and have nights out with their wives. “We’ve spent a lot of time together over the years,” said Ubben. “We’re fairly like-minded, so we have a lot of fun and never have to worry about boring conversations.” Although Ubben and Koellner are about the same age, Ubben has young kids, five and seven, and Koellner has a 16 year old and a 14 year old. “We never really do much as families, because obviously the age difference is too big,” said Koellner. “In fact, my daughter babysits their kids sometimes.” Most Stapleton friendships are forged on having kids around the same age(s) that can keep each other distracted for a while, but these couples make time for each other without their kids. Recently, however, Ubben has become a little resentful.

“That dick can do anything he wants,” said Ubben. “At the drop of a hat, they can decide to go somewhere. Hell, we see the two of them out for breakfast with each other. No kids. Their kids can just stay at home, obviously. We’re still in the thick of babysitter mode. Totally screwed and tied to our kids.” Ubben says he thinks Koellner is unaware of his bitterness. “I try not to say anything,” said Ubben. “What can he do? Start hiring a sitter again to make me feel better? It’s just the way it is. I have to find a sitter for a while and deal with that costly and annoying part of life.” Ubben says he is working to combat his anger. “We are actually trying to find new friends who have newborns, or maybe even two and four year olds. That way, we know that in a few years, we can be the ones being resented for not having to get a sitter. It would feel really good to be on the other side of this.” For Koellner’s part, they don’t seem to throw it in the face of the Ubbens. “They are never showy about it or anything,” said Ubben. “But, it’s still hard to deal with. I see them just freewheeling life, and here we are. Completely reliant on a sitter if we want to go out. Maybe if they paid for our dinner every time knowing we had the extra $100 sitter bill waiting at home, that would be nice.” Ubben believes he has four to five more years of gutting out his resentment. Won’t be too hard, right?

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